Time to tear down walls (metaphorically and literally)

I hope I look back on 2015 as the year when I successfully took on more than I should.  After 5 fulfilling years at Upstream Public Health, I’m headed in a new direction as the Executive Director of the Sustainable Transportation Council.  And after years being thwarted by our house’s layout – forcing us to yell at the top of our lungs to communicate from different rooms and ensuring that parties always ended up crammed into the kitchen – we’re taking on a big house remodel.  So far, the new changes have surprised me with gems like broken WordPress plugins and elevated radon levels in the basement, but I’ve already learned more in the last two months than I could have imagined. Which means I know I’m right where I belong.  To make sure I don’t miss anything in the blur that I know is coming, I’m going to capture my thoughts and lessons-learned, and maybe even learn some lessons in the capturing!

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