I was born in Michigan, raised in Virginia, and now live in Portland, OR. In Portland I’m at work – examining transportation projects and plans and constantly asking “for whom?” I lead with questions, and I combine experience and evidence with humility.  I’m painfully stereotypical PNW in my love of hiking, biking, brewing, consuming coffee, and buying more books from Powell’s than I could possibly read.

At my core, I’m a hostess who gets to help build communities that work better for people who have the fewest options. For me, being a hostess means I get to: 1) meticulously plan and organize events and projects, 2) ask questions and listen to learn about individuals – their strengths, hopes, needs, challenges, and solutions, and
 3) create spaces that build community and are welcoming to a diverse group of people.

I put these passions to use to transform transportation and improve public health. Want to work together? Here’s some of what you can count on me to help with.

Research, Outreach, Analysis, & Development
1. Making the most of evidence and experience: Through literature review, focus groups, interviews, and other research strategies, I can work with you to better understand current conditions, define challenges, and identify promising solutions.

2. Engaging the right people: I can help you develop and implement plans for community and stakeholder engagement, including convening, facilitating, and reporting on events. Because I focus on impacts of transportation that include public health and equity impacts, I can work with you to identify a broad array of potential stakeholders who can bring new perspective and expertise to your project or plan.

3. Asking the right questions: I rely on qualitative and quantitative tools and on my knowledge of current conditions, laws, and regulations to complete policy and data analysis. I am proficient with G Suite and Microsoft Office software, Adobe Creative Cloud and Suite software, ArcGIS, and ArcGIS online. I have a strong working knowledge of Title VI, Title II, and ADA regulations.

4. Getting it on paper: I can deliver the final written product you need – whether that’s in the form of a report, white paper, memo, implementation plan, long-term plan, impact analysis, testimony, or brochure. I’m also happy to work with you to update or revise existing documents to improve readability or communicate ideas in a new way.

Project & People Management
1. Preparing and managing requests for proposals, proposals, budgets, scopes of works, project timelines: I have independently managed projects ranging in scale from three months to two years and from budgets of $15,000 to $150,000. I can support your project through the different phases of proposal through completion.

2. Managing projects, project teams, and subcontractors: Folks will tell you I’m one of the most organized people they know and I seem to have more time in a day than most. I can put those skills to use managing your project! I love learning what team members excel at, what they want to learn, where they dread spending time, and making sure the project workplan is optimized for those factors.

Have a question? Want to work together? Drop me a line!

Want to connect? I’m pretty social.