I was born in Michigan, raised in Virginia, and now live in Portland, OR. From Michigan I carry a love of cozy cool weather rituals and cheese products. From Virginia I cling to the welcoming sound of the word “y’all” and the expectation that one should at least be prepared to serve some tea to guests, however unexpected. In Portland I’m still at work – examining my appreciation for the many things done well but constantly asking “for whom?”

Day-to-day, I’m a Senior Associate with GridWorks for love and for money. And for love alone I’m the co-keeper of a middle age cat and three noisy hens. I’m painfully stereotypical PNW in my love of hiking, biking, brewing, consuming coffee, and buying more books from Powell’s than I could possibly read.

My superpower and curse is my desire to connect ideas, events, and people into larger systems.  That superpower led me to finish B.A.s in Economics and in English Language & Literature at the University of Virginia and Master’s degrees in Public Health and Urban & Regional Planning from Oregon Health & Science University & Portland State University, respectively. It also leads me to ask questions – heaps and heaps of them – in a hope to better understand connections.

Want to connect? I’m pretty social.